Ingame model for Zoe done!

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Hi everyone!
Last time we shared some work in progress screenshots of Zoe, today we are ready to share the final model you are going to see in the game:

As you can see we set this character up in a way that allows us to remove the cap when we need or want to.

For now we are going to shift focus from these humanoid characters to non-human ones and we are going to start working on the environment art soon. (Cant stand looking at our greybox placeholders any longer! 😀 )
But before that we will have to update the rigs for these characters so that our animation lead Christian can start preparing our motion capturing sessions! (Which should be fun, we are looking forward to sharing that with you already 🙂 )

Thats all for today, but we still plan on doing the writeup on all the characters we released so far so stay tuned for that!


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