Behind the scenes: Terrain shading!

Continuing the work on our textures we have started work on our terrain materials and just finished the first of many:

terrainmaterial01 terrainmaterial02

It blends between the textures with their heightmap and has distance based tessellation so that we can displace it and give it some real depth.
We can also paint in procedural puddles that conform to the underlying textures:


Here is what the same scene looks like without puddles:


The puddles have settings like depth to control their color and opacity or edge wetness which makes them very versatile.

Since they are completely procedural their material function is rather complex and we still havent really cleaned it up so it looks like a spaghetti monster:


We still need no make some tweaks but were already happy with the result!

Were also scheduling the voice recordings for the demo right now so we are going to be able to share details on our actors and their roles soon!



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