Meet Zoè and her German voice – Maria Kepner

This is the first in a series of blogposts which are going to highlight some of the main characters in our game “Sane” as well as their German voice actors!

We start with Zoè, a confident and smart but bitter and cold young woman.

She is the daughter of the Conrells, the family that takes Ameliè, our protagonist, in after she looses her parents during the events of WW1.

While the head of the family has his own reasons for accepting Ameliè in his house, Zoè has nothing but disdain for her.
She reminds her of her own childhood, as she too lost her mother early on and her father, Arthur, neglegted her in favor of his work ever since.

That Arthur acts more like a father now than he ever did before puts her on edge and makes her cruel towards Ameliè.



The german voice of Zoè is the talented actor “Maria Kepner”!

Since graduating from the Film Acting School in Cologne in 2013 she has played in the famous german tv show “Galileo” and quite a few other shortmovies and theater plays.

We had a great time during our first recording session and would like to thank her for her great work!

For a full list of her works check out her profile @


Thats it for today, stay tuned as we have quite a few more characters to tell you about.



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