“Sane” is a third person adventure game  with the focus on player choice, exploration and a deep story.

The year is 1919 and you play as the young girl Ameliè who lost both of her parents in WW1.
Taken in by her distant relatives Ameliè has to start living in a place completely unknown to her. A place that seems to be straight out of a fairy-tale, talking animals, strange creatures and impossible environments are everywhere she goes, but how come no one else seems to notice them?

Explore a rich, semi-open world where you can find strange and mysterious characters to interact with and interesting places to explore with hidden secrets everywhere.
Or maybe you will do as you are told by your new family and stop dreaming?

Featuring a deep story, interesting characters and puzzles all of which adapt to the way you play and the choices you make.
Ameliès fate rests in your hands.

Release date: TBA

The game is still in an early development stage but can find some prototype gameplay and other content in our Unreal Engine 4 Development Forum Thread.