Happy New Year 2017!

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Happy new year everyone! Lets celebrate with the first environment screenshot! Here is hoping for an even better 2017, well start releasing more screenshots, gameplay and information about our game “Sane” very soon! -the Mind Games Interactive Team!

Moss Material Layer Tutorial!

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Feels like all we are sharing recently  are tutorials and no real updates on the project 😀 I can assure you that the content of these tutorials actually goes into the game! Were currently doing a final art pass on one of our environments so I will be able to share some ingame screenshots for that […]

Mossy Rocks!

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We added a moss material layer to our rocks! It has some nice parameters and should allow for really fast placement. Its xyz-worldaligned so that we can use it for nice blends between meshes. The parameters drive how much of the rock it covers, how strong the normalmap should influence the result and if there […]

Bringing the world to life!

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Movement and interaction is a important part of an immersive world so we started adding wind and player interaction to our foliage: Our system uses vertex color to drive the world position offset of the material, very similar to what you can find in the unreal engine content examples. The reception of the breakdown for […]