Designing the UI!

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While environment art is still hard at work and animation has started its first mocap session ( I think we are going to do a blog entry about that at a later date) ui design is making a lot of progress!

We have a couple of styles we are experimenting with for the design of our icons with these three being our favorites:
(Feel free to let us know which one is your favorite in the comments 🙂 )

And this is what they look like when applied to our radial menu ingame:

We think it looks pretty cool already! (Please ignore the placeholder environment art 😀 )

We are looking forward to sharing even more of our UI Elements and other work with you!


Texturing the World!

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Environment Art has started and we are currently creating tons of textures and materials!

All of these are just Materials on a flat plane!

To create our textures we are mainly using Substance Designer, all of the above are 100% procedural!

Feel free to let us know what you think as our Environment Artist (thats me 😀 ) continues to work on more textures and the geometry to go with it!


The Sky is the Limit!

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Hi everyone!
Updates have been kind of slow the last two weeks as the team is moving into an actual studio and leaves the desks at home behind to serve as mere gaming stations
If everything goes smoothly we are going to finish moving this weekend!

In the meantime we have a short video that we would like to share with you showing our evaluation tests of the TrueSky system by Simul which we are going to use in Sane!

Hopefully our next post is going to show you our new studio! Fingers crossed 😀


Ingame model for Zoe done!

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Hi everyone!
Last time we shared some work in progress screenshots of Zoe, today we are ready to share the final model you are going to see in the game:

As you can see we set this character up in a way that allows us to remove the cap when we need or want to.

For now we are going to shift focus from these humanoid characters to non-human ones and we are going to start working on the environment art soon. (Cant stand looking at our greybox placeholders any longer! 😀 )
But before that we will have to update the rigs for these characters so that our animation lead Christian can start preparing our motion capturing sessions! (Which should be fun, we are looking forward to sharing that with you already 🙂 )

Thats all for today, but we still plan on doing the writeup on all the characters we released so far so stay tuned for that!


New Character “Zoe” WIP

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Since the website is new its lagging behind a bit compared to our social presences like twitter and facebook but we are going to catch up soon!

We start by releasing our newest work in progress shot of Zoe, one of the NPCs in the game straight out of UnrealEngine4!
The face and hair is almost done but the clothing still needs a lot of work.


Were working on a big post introducing all of the characters we have shown so far so stay tuned for that, its coming soon 🙂


Hello world!

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This is the birth hour of our website, there isnt much content yet but that is going to change soon!

Check back here for game development news on our game “Sane”.
We are going to share “behind the scenes” content such as early builds, work in progress screenshots, videos and short write ups on the content of the game and hurdles we are going to overcome going forward!

We hope to see you here again,
The team behind “Sane”.